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Swasti Global Solutions Ltd. (SGSL) is a limited liability company established to offer Industrial & Power Solutions, execute Engineering & Infra Projects and supply associated Products, Services, Resources, Consultancy as well as Training.

 The company is established after gaining rich 19 years’ working experience in the field of

1. Engineering, Sales & Services of Power Generators and allied Electrical Projects

2. After Sales Service Operations of Generators & Power Equipment

3. Large scale Telecom Infra Projects and Managed Services Operations


To evolve as a globally trusted brand for delivery of reliable solutions, products, services and resources by operating business ethically, based on value system of high esteem, ensuring continuous improvement in quality and growth in revenues, profits, employability and achieving enhanced power of giving back to society and environment.


•    To offer high quality reliable products, solutions, resources and services to expand Customer base and achieve continues growth in revenues and profitability.

•    Partnering with subject matter experts and reputed entrepreneurs in various fields of Engineering & Power Projects delivery, Supply and Maintenance of Power Generation & Distribution Equipment, Renewable Energy Solutions delivery and Information Technology related Products and Services, etc.

•    To work on continuous improvement in quality of products and services offered by the company and achieving maximum customer satisfaction.

•    Imparting continuous training and awareness on quality & safety standards compliance by staff, Partners, vendors & sub-contractors.

•    To ensure mutually beneficial long lasting relationship with Staff, Partners, Sub-Contractors as well as the Customers.

•    To operate business ethically and legitimately abiding by the laws and complying with regulations laid down by respective statutory bodies.

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